Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Recap: Uh oh...it's magic!

There was one thing that Mr Fix It did not fight me on when I told him that I wanted something extra special to entertain the guests during our cocktail hour:  a magician!  If you read my post back here, you can check out the story of how we came to find the amazing Jeff Ezell. 

Jeff did not disappoint on any level!  He showed up before our ceremony started and we quickly greeted him while we passed him taking photos.  He sat in the very back of the ceremony by the bridge and even provided over 30 photos on his iphone for me on Facebook!  And then as soon as the ceremony was over and he and the guests made their way upstairs poolside for cocktails, he went to work!

He wandered around the guests, amazing and bewildering them with card tricks, rubberband tricks and even a trick with Mr Fix It's wedding band!  I'll just let the video speak for itself and then share a few pics with you as well...you *HAVE* to see this!  And tell me if you see his slight of hand moves.

Today's video footage (courtesy of Video Keepsakes of Beverly Hills) is a bit longer than my previous recaps...but only because you have to see Jeff's amazing talents...and try to figure out how the heck he does this!!!

The amazing magician, himself

The kids were definitely loving him!

He gave us a deck of cards signed with his name and our wedding date...it was a keepsake that
had a few cards in it that guests had written their names on as you saw in the video.

But I think Mr Fix It was most impressed with him.  As a matter of fact, he kept pulling him aside to do tricks for his own family and friends!  So much so, that by the end of the night, my mom, sister and some friends said they never even saw him!  But oh no, Mr Fix It made sure he made his way to *ALL* of *HIS* friends and family!  Twerp! 

I love Mr Fix It's reaction in these next few shots!

All above pictures by Robert Mullins Photography

Jeff did such an amazing job, that we asked him to stay during dinner and walk the tables while guests were waiting to be released for the buffet as well.  He did this for a very minimal extra fee.  We were so thankful!
He was more than accommodating and a wonderful vendor to work with - probably our favorite!

All above pictures provided by Roseanne Rivoli

TODAY'S WEDDING TIP:  Find a way to do something different during your cocktail hour if you can.  It can be playing a montage video of photos of the bride and groom or having a photobooth or a game table set up.  You can hire live musicians to walk around serenading guests or even those live moving tables to serve your appetizers on.  I knew I wanted our guests to be entertained throughout the event.  I wanted them to be kept busy and eating and having fun.  Those who saw the strolling magician raved about him and it was definitely a highlight and hit of our event that I was so excited about.

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