Monday, June 21, 2010

Reflections on Marriage: Protection

So we're walking across the street in a sidewalk on Main St in Seal Beach on Friday night on our way to dinner at Whalt's Wharf.  Mr Fix It says to me "You know when we're crossing the street like this, you always need to walk on the inside left side of me."  I looked at him and he said "You know why?"  I responded, "So I don't get hit by a car?"  He answered "So if a car is going to hit one of us, I can be the one to get hit and hopefully prevent you from getting injured."

Nothing makes a woman feel more loved than a man who wants to protect her.  (swooning)

Afterthought:  At dinner, two ladies at the table next to us kept staring and smiling at Mr Fix It.  As they got up to leave, one of them walked by him and said "You were great in your last movie."  Mr Fix It just smiled and nodded.  I laughed and said "Why didn't you ask her who she thinks you are?!?"  He said he didn't want to disappoint her.  :)  If you remember, Mr Fix It is sometimes told he looks like Matt Damon or Kevin Bacon.  :) 

Photos courtesy of Yan Freedline (VideoKeepsakes of Beverly Hills)

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